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By: Bob Speirs August 21, 2014
Success south dakota antelope hunters can decoy their quarry closer for a shot

Antelope are vicious.

A fawn or doe has the most beautiful eyes in the wildlife world, but rutting bucks literally attempt to...

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By: Bob Speirs August 14, 2014
A young hunter with his first archery antelope

Shooting an antelope with a stick and string can be as mundane or as exciting an adventure as any to be had in the outdoors.


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By: Bob Speirs August 07, 2014

In the last two weeks I have had the great good fortune of experiencing two exceptional trophy animals, one first hand and...

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By: Bob Speirs July 31, 2014
Archery antelope season is just weeks away.

I’m not a gear guy.

My wife would claim that a glance in my barn would prove different, but if I have one and it works, I’m...

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By: Bob Speirs July 23, 2014
Fawn 2011

I could hear my horses coming to my whistled calls, but I was briefly confused as to why I couldn’t see their approach through...

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